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I propose courses tailored to your needs. They will allow you to progress at your own rhythm and according to your goals. Courses with 1 to 3 people are considered private. They can be held in your home or any other indoor site of which you have access — or outside in one of our capital’s parks.

Different formulas are available:

  • Choose a course à la carte (one at a time) according to your availability.

  • Choose a monthly plan or a trimestral plan (or more) for a fixed day and hour

Please don’t hesitate contacting me for further details.


If you are a group of friends or colleagues (8 maximum) wishing to train together for encouragement or a healthy rivalry and/or a sharing of costs, we can organize one or several training sessions to suit you.

If you belong to a works council with the use of a room, the courses can be held at your work place to avoid travelling.


Please don’t hesitate contacting me for further details.

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